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    About Luc

    Luc Bres recently entering the Montreal universities joint PhD program in January 2008 at HEC. He hold a top ten1 European Master in Management from Audencia Nantes in France. Previously he worked  2 years as a financial analyst in Gremany and France for Hewlett-Packard, and as a consultant in several countries. He also hold a Research Master from Laval university where he studied sociology and organizational theory. 


    PhD project

    ISO 26000: the formation of an Internal Standard on Social Responsibility


    Since the beginning of the 90s, a growing number of initiatives on corporate social responsibility (CSR) have emerged. Numerous organizations are currently creating and promoting their norms of CSR. Major actors such as the International Labour Organization, the European commission, or the International Trade Union Confederation are involved in developing their norms of CSR. They compete to promote their norms of CSR at an international level.

    On September 5th 2008 at Santiago, Jonathon Hawks received for more than 10 minutes a standing ovation from the hundreds of experts working on ISO 26000. As the coordinator of the Integrated Drafting Task Force, the team in charge of facilitating the discussions towards ISO 26000, Jonathon Hawks managed to reach a broad consensus on ISO 26000. 429 experts from 89 countries, including all the major actors in the industry of CSR have been involved in the development of this document. They finally agreed on this short sentence at the very beginning of ISO 26000 : « we encourage every organization to use this standard » (ISO, 2008 : V).

    How to explain this amazing success from ISO ?

    Because the environment of international normalization is very specific, we propose the neo-institutionalist tools -traditionally associated in management with the question of norms- to be abandoned. To understand ISO's success in developing ISO 26000, we believe the resource based view to be more relevant.




    Prof.Dr. Emmanuel Raufflet



    Publications and conferences



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    Master thesis : Bres, L. 2007. L'organisation : un essai de
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    Bres, L., Ivey PhD Sustainability Academy 2008, September 2008, London, Ontario. Ideologies underlying the ISO 2600 elaborattion process. Séminaire doctorale.



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