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    Arnaud studied Sociology and Political Science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). After studying the reception of Primo Levi’s work in Belgium (2005-2006), he began his PhD in Sociology at the Université de Montréal. Arnaud’s main research topic is currently the role and the impact of the private regulation in the reconstruction of multinational enterprises after abusive or mismanagement issues.



    PhD project


    The Role and Impact of the Private Standards in the Ethical Business Regulation


    The privatization, liberalization and deregulation processes, engaged during the Eighties, supported the development of the market regulation. This kind of regulation showed its weaknesses by the means of the various ethical scandals having touched many multinationals these last twenty years. Facing the retreat of the State and the multiplication of this kind of scandals, private organizations emerged in order to take part in the regulation of the worldwide economy. Our thesis project proposes to analyze the relationship between obligatory state regulation on the one hand and private regulation founded on a voluntary adhesion on the other. It is important to us to study the mechanisms inciting the companies to adhere to these new private Standards as their modalities of application inside the company. 



    Prof.Dr. Arnaud Sales

    Prof.Dr. Thomas Beschorner


    Publications and conferences




    CELKA A., (2008), « Primo Levi en Belgique francophone », in Mesnard P. et Thanassekos Y., Primo Levi à l’œuvre, éditions Kimé, Paris, pp.143-152.




    International Conference on: “La réception de l’œuvre de Primo Levi en Europe, aux Etats-Unis, au Canada, en Amérique Latine et en Israel”, organized by the Fondation Auschwitz (Brussels, Belgium) in collaboration with the Haute École de Bruxelles (ISTI), Brussels, Belgium, October 2006.


    European Encounter on: “La réception de l’œuvre de Primo Levi”, organized by the Fondation Auschwitz (Brussels, Belgium), in collaboration with the Haute École de Bruxelles (ISTI), Brussels, Belgium, October 2005.



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