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     About Benjamin

    Benjamin studied Psychology at the University of Mainz. During his studies he did different internships at national and international companies (e.g. Deutsche Bank, Fraport AG) and was also part of the coordination-team of the Student Network for Ethics in Economics and Practice (sneep). Since May 2008 Benjamin is a doctoral candidate at the Division of Economic Education and Sustainable Consumption.



    PhD project

    Enhancing Value Creation Potentials through Consumer-Consumer-Interaction – Analysis in the context of Sustainability Innovation-Processes


    This contribution discusses value creation potentials of cooperating consumers on interaction-enabling online-platforms such as toolkits and communities as well as concrete face-to-face inter-actions throughout workshops in the context of sustainable innovation processes. To understand this complex phenomena, a) ex ante factors (e.g. motives of consumers to participate), b) process factors (group-dynamics) and finally c) outcome variables (e.g. degree of creativity and satisfaction with new product) have to be analyzed. Sustainability is the specifying research framework.

    Stating that through goal-oriented and dialogical integration of consumers, the development, introduction and diffusion of sustainable products can be enhanced and consequently responsible consumer behaviour can be accelerated, we particularly highlight the importance of underlying group-dynamics. Synergistic effects through group-work can generate advantages in different innovation phases, e.g. combining diverse competences as a driver for effective product development, consumer-consumer-communication as a chance b) for detailed consumer insights in the pre-/test-phase and c) for the phenomena of word-of-mouth as an essential success factor for the introduction and diffusion of innovations.



     Prof. Dr. Ulf Schrader


    Publications and conferences



    Artikel im Sammelband „Nachhaltigkeits-Innovation durch Nutzerintegration“ (in press), Herausgeberschaft: Belz, F.-M.; Schrader, U. & Arnold, M., Metropolis-Verlag:
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