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    About Patrick

    Patrick earned a Master’s degree in Politics and Management from the University of Constance (Germany), having also studied in Spain (University of Granada) and Canada (York University). Since October 2008 Patrick is a doctoral candidate at the faculty of economics, University of Zurich (Switzerland). He worked at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH in Eschborn, Germany and has been employed at the policy consultancy  Burson-Marsteller in Berlin, where he was in charge of CSR projects for various clients. Furthermore, Patrick has gained practical expertise in the corporate communications department at the EADS head office in Munich, Germany.






    PhD project

    Arguing Away the Legitimacy Deficit in Global Governance?

    Public Deliberation and the Politicization of the Firm


    This Ph.D. project analyses the legitimacy build-up of corporate engagement in global governance. Taking as a starting point the proposition that legitimacy needs to be understood as a socially constructed concept, the central issue of the project resolves around the question what corporate legitimacy actually is, and how to gain and maintain it in a transnational context. It advances the notion that corporations gain legitimacy by actively participating in public discourses vis-à-vis civil society, therefore shifting away the perspective from legitimacy as an attribute of social order to the communicative mechanisms and processes of legitimation. Taking the UN Global Compact as an illustration of how corporations become involved in political activities on a global level, the project offers a psychological microfoundation of legitimation which links specific dynamics at the individual level to phenomena at the organizational level (i.e. the politicization of the firm) and the societal level (i.e. the emergence of a CSR-infrastructure beyond the nation state).




     Prof. Dr. Andreas Georg Scherer



    Publications and conferences



    2011 Schoeneborn, D., Wickert, C., & Haack, P. Fallstudie MNUs: Der „Equator-Principles“-Standard in der Finanzbranche. In: J. Raupp, S. Jarolimek, & F. Schultz, Handbuch Corporate Social Responsibility. Kommunikationswissenschaftliche Grundlagen und methodische Zugänge. Mit Lexikon. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag

    Talking Intervention: Foreign Policy Frames and their Conditional Impact on Individual Attitudes, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Saarbrücken, 2008



    03/2011 Presentation at the Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research, Stanford University, United States.

    03/2011 Invited guest presentation at the College of Business of the Southern Illinois University Carbondale, United States.

    02/2011 Presentation at the VHB WK ORG Workshop 2011, FU Berlin (Germany), February 23-25, 2011.

    09/2010 Presentation in the panel session “The Role of Private Businesses in Global Governance: Do SMEs Differ from Large MNCs?”, 4th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility 2010 in Berlin (Germany).

    08/2010 Presentation at the Academy of Management 2010 conference in Montreal (Canada), August 2010, OMT Division (Organization and Management Theory). Author of the paper Vertical Legitimacy Spillovers in Transnational Governance: The UN Global Compact and its Members. Co-author: Andreas Georg Scherer.

    08/2010 Presentation at the Society of Business Ethics Annual Meeting in Montréal (Canada), August 2010. Author of the paper Standardization as Negotiation: The Case of the Equator Principles in International Project Finance. Co-author Dennis Schoeneborn.
    07/2010 Presentation at the 26th European Group for Organizational Studies in Lisbon (Portugal), July 2010, Subtheme 21: Microfoundations of Institutions. Author of the paper Beyond Text Analysis: The Unmet Promise of Methodology in Micro-Institutional Research. Co-author Ajnesh Prasad.

    06/2010 Presentation at the 2010 International Conference on Institutions and Work in Vancouver (Canada). Author of the paper Beyond Text Analysis: The Unmet Promise of Methodology in Micro-Institutional Re-search. Co-author Ajnesh Prasad.

    06/2010 Participation at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, New York (United States).

    03/2010 Presentation at the 6th New Institutionalism Workshop, Lyon (France). Author of the working paper Arguing Away the Legitimacy Deficit in Global Governance? The Communicative Legitimation of Transnational Proto-Institutions.

    09/2009 Paper Presentation at the 5th ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) General Conference, Potsdam (Germany), September 10-12, 2009. Author of the paper: “Arguing Away the Legitimacy Gap in Global Governance? The Case of the UN Global Compact”. Co-author: Prof. Dr. Andreas Georg Scherer

    07/2009 Paper Presentation at the 25th EGOS Colloquium 2009, Barcelona (Spain), July 2-4, 2009. Author of the paper “Analyzing the Constitutive Conditions of a Self-energizing Effect of CSR Standards: An Explorative Case Study on the ‘Equator Principles’”. Co-authors: Dr. Dennis Schöneborn, Christopher Wickert.

    07/2009 Paper Presentation at the 25th EGOS Colloquium 2009, Barcelona (Spain), July 2-4, 2009. Co-author of the paper “How Terrorist Organizations Transcend their Inherent Improbability: A Communication Perspective on the Organizational Dimension of Terrorism”. Main author: Dr. Dennis Schöneborn.

    05/2009 Presentation at the Doctoral Consortium of the Reputation Institute’s 13th International Conference on Corporate Reputation, Brand, Identity and Competitiveness in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 28 May 2009. Author of the paper: The Communicative Construction of Corporate Legitimacy: The Case of the UN Global Compact.

    04/2009 Presentation PhD-Workshop at the DNWE (Deutsches Netzwerk Wirtschaftsethik) Annual Meeting, Bonn (Germany), April 24-25, 2009.

    06/2007 Presentation at the 20th Annual Conference of the German Peace Psychology Association at the University of Konstanz, June 15-17, 2007.



    patrick.haack [at] doctoral-academy [dot] net