Christiane Kleine-König, Ruhr-University Bochum

    About Christiane

    Christiane is a PhD candidate at the Department of Geography at Ruhr-University Bochum. With a focus on Urban and Metropolitan Studies, she is involved in research projects as well as in teaching and mentoring in the bachelor program. She holds a Master of Science in Geography with a focus on urban and regional development management, having completed a Bachelor Degree in American Studies. 

    Christiane worked as an intern and, lateron, as a freelancer in the multi-stakeholder initiatives “Unternehmen für die Region” and “Verantwortungspartner” for the Bertelsmann Foundation (2009-2010). As a research coordinator at the Stadtmuseum Landeshaupt Düsseldorf, she conceived and organized an exhibition on demographic change, called “ALT+jung. Stadt im demografischen Wandel” (2008). As an undergraduate, Christiane worked with the non-profit organization “Hands On Atlanta” in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).


    PhD project

    Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship in the Context of Urban and Regional Development    

    The role of companies in society is widely discussed and they are often referred to as “corporate citizens”. Indeed, many companies commit themselves to local activities for which they are technically not responsible. However, this commitment proves to be – for the most part – selective and of short duration. Proactive and strategic commitment, which intends to create a reciprocal maximum of benefits for all participants or that deals with aspects of urban and regional development, is uncommon. This is surprising since long-term commitment to structural problems of the respective community or region would be a more meaningful effort. Moreover, it can result in improved locational factors for companies at the spot.

    This dissertation project intends to reveal new knowledge concerning the link between urban and regional development on the one hand and corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship on the other. It aims to analyze a) companies in the Ruhr Area respectively their commitment in general and b) some of their specific activities in detail. Special interest will be directed to spatial effects and specific characteristics such as potentials, reasons, strategies and benefits as well as to the included private and public players. 



    Prof. Dr. Uta Hohn


    Publications and conferences


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    “Erfahrungswerte aus den Pilotregionen”, Presentation held at the Network Meeting “GEMEINSAM. REGION. GESTALTEN.” Bertelsmann Stiftung, Berlin, 2010/11/09 



    christiane.kleine-koenig [at] doctoral-academy [dot] net