Jan Hendrik Quandt, Universität Bielefeld

    About Jan Hendrik

    Jan Hendrik studied Sociology, Political Science and Law in Bielefeld and Santiago de Chile. During this time, he completed internships in Brussels and Los Angeles and worked as a student research assistant. Since 2008 he is a doctoral candidate at Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology with his main research interest focussing on CSR regimes.


    PhD project

    CSR between Rhetoric and Sustainability

    The dissertation project focuses on a sociological analysis of the function of corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is a relatively modern topic which is fashionable in scientific discourse. In fact besides uncountable publications on CSR by companies also numerous academic articles and papers exist that deal with this problem. This literature can be roughly divided into three competing schools of thought: a business ethics approach, an organizational theory approach and a rather normative developmental sociological approach. A newer approach which in an interdisciplinary manner tries to connect some of those various concepts is that of Neo-Institutionalism. My approach picks up this interdisciplinarity as it builds on the findings of Neo-Institutionalism. Namely, that organizations are in their action strongly affected by their social environment, and do not function purely rationally. I apply the legal theory of private authorities in order to try and describe CSR as an emerging private regime which is supported by hybrid non-state laws and compacts. Thereby the sociological question of the function of CSR might be explained in a new way which will ultimately lead to a better understanding of the subject.




    Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stollberg, University of Bielefeld
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Beschorner, Université de Montréal


    Publications and conferences


    06/2008         “Somos pobres porque hay riquezas.” Pobreza como construcción social.Un estudio de NGOs en Santiago de Chile. In: Aspectos 6, 2008.        

    07/2005         „Diese Kontraste kann man sich als Europäer kaum vorstellen." In: Solidaridad 238-239, S. 31-32.



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