Kristin Vorbohle, Universität Oldenburg

    About Kristin

    Kristin holds a Master’s degree in European Studies from the University of Hamburg (Germany), a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy & Economics from the University of Bayreuth (Germany) as well as a Certificate d’Etudes Politiques de l’Institut d’Etudes

     Politiques Lille (France). Since 2007 she is doctorial candidate and a project manager at Institut für werteorientierte Unternehmensführung. Kristin is also a manger and editor of CSR NEWS GmbH.






    PhD project

    Integrative co-operations between profit- and nonprofit-organisations within the scope of Corporate Social Responsiveness

    To answer the basic research question “How do integrative co-operations between profit- and non-profit organisations emerge within the scope of Corporate Social Responsiveness", interviews with promoters were conducted. The moderating role promoters have between businesses and NGOs willing to enter a co-operation, gives them not only a deep insight into how cross-sector-co-operations emerge, but also puts them in a unique position enabling them to influence the co-operation. First results of the empirical analysis will be presented at the Transatlantic Doctoral Academy as well as the theoretical approach of Evolutionary Economics that help answer this research question.



    Prof. Dr. Thomas Beschorner, Université de Montréal

    Prof. Dr. Reinhard Pfriem


    Publications and conferences



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    “Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Relations – The perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises” EBEN Research Conference Lille, France, June 2008. With S. Klein




    kristin.vorbohle [at] doctoral-academy [dot] net